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How QCS Purchasing Cooperative Benefits Its Members

As a leading supply-chain solutions provider for the food and beverage industry, QCS Purchasing Cooperative, combines members’ purchasing power to offer more competitive pricing than members could achieve on their own. We work with over 750 member companies,  and plant locations, and a qualified list of more than 200 supply partners. QCS is member-owned and managed as not to generate a profit which ensures that all savings after expenses are passed on to member-owner companies in the form of pricing discounts or rebates. The value of purchases exceeds over $700 million per year.

QCS Purchasing’s strategic sourcing specialists have a great deal of category experience, so they can help members solve even the most complex sourcing challenges. We are exceptional in our ability to introduce members to state-of-the-art supplier offerings that help them become more effective and efficient in their businesses.

Although our members join QCS Purchasing Cooperative primarily to achieve lower pricing, they stay with us for our experience, expertise and relentless dedication to helping them stay ahead of their competitors.

QCS Purchasing  Cooperative Vision Statement: QCS Purchasing Cooperative will continue to be the trusted and leading provider of purchasing and value-added services in support of our owners in the food and beverage industry.

QCS Purchasing Cooperative Mission Statement:  QCS Purchasing Cooperative exists to help our owners be more competitive and successful.

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QCS Purchasing