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Who We Are

QCS Purchasing Cooperative is a leading supply-chain solutions provider and the largest purchasing cooperative of its kind in the food and beverage industry. We provide tools to help you manage your buying more efficiently.

  • Member-owned cooperative.
  • More than 800 member companies.
  • Annual purchases in excess of 700 million dollars.
  • Managed as not to generate a profit.
  • Agreements with more than 200 high-quality local and national supply partners.
  • Plus food safety & quality services, risk management, training, and other value-added services.
  • Access to business meetings and annual leadership conference.

How We Deliver Value

QCS Purchasing Cooperative consolidates members’ spend at a category level, which allows us to:

  • Create buying leverage with our supply partners.
  • Provide our members with more competitive pricing than they could typically achieve on their own.
  • Gain deep market knowledge to help members develop optimum sourcing strategies.
  • Help members solve their most complex sourcing challenges with our team of strategic sourcing specialists with deep category experience and knowledge.
  • Introduce our members to innovative supplier offerings that help them become more effective in their respective businesses.
  • Maintain low overhead to ensure that our members receive maximum benefit from their ownership in QCS Purchasing Cooperative.

Why Join QCS Purchasing?

Although lower pricing is often the primary motivation for joining QCS Purchasing Cooperative our members stay with us for many other reasons, including the following:

  • We provide backup supply security in the event our members need another qualified supplier.
  • Our experienced category experts who provide industry and market intelligence, so our members can make the best-informed decisions for their businesses.
  • Through our collaborative efforts we foster innovation with our members by bringing supply partner offerings that help members stay ahead of their competitors.
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QCS Purchasing

QCS Purchasing