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QCS Purchasing Cooperative requires all approved suppliers, aka Supply Partners*, to meet strict requirements to ensure that they provide members with products that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and are the safest products possible.

*Why do we call our Supply Partners, Partner’s and not Vendors?
There is a reason we call our supply partners, partners and not vendors. A purchase from a vendor is a transaction, like buying a widget for a bargain price. A partner on the other hand is someone you can collaborate with to look at things from a total cost perspective and really drive more significant value from on behalf of the members.

By working with QCS, our supply partners have numerous opportunities to grow their businesses.

  • Obtain access to top decision-makers
  • Promote your products and services through QCS Purchasing Cooperative’s member account management and communications
  • Receive incremental volume growth opportunities
  • Increase communication with members
  • Streamlined billing processes
  • Receive access to our member directory
  • Attend members-only meetings and conferences

Become a QCS Supply Partner

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