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QCS Purchasing Cooperative provides members with a unique collaborative partnership that enables them to compete more effectively. We help achieve this by aggregating members’ purchases across our qualified supplier-partners and combining members’ purchasing power to receive more competitive pricing than members can on their own. Managed so as to not generate a profit, QCS Purchasing Cooperative maintains a low expense ratio, so we can maximize the savings we pass on to our members.

We collaborate with and extract value from our supply partners to match the needs of our members. 

Here are a few benefits that QCS Purchasing members enjoy:

  • Competitive pricing, discounts, and rebates
  • Backup supply security
  • Strategic sourcing and custom solutions
  • Pricing leverage and assistance with price protection
  • Market and industry news and information
  • QCS Purchasing’s supplemental purchasing expertise
  • Choice of direct or indirect billing options
  • Maintaining direct contact with QCS Purchasing Cooperative supply partners
  • Invitation to the QCS Purchasing Cooperative Annual Conference
  • Specialized training and education per industry segment
  • Access to quality and food safety training programs
  • No annual membership fee
  • Members-only website

Why do we call our Supply Partners, Partner’s and not Vendors?
There is a reason we call our supply partners, partners and not vendors. A purchase from a vendor is a transaction, like buying a widget for a bargain price. A partner on the other hand is someone you can collaborate with to look at things from a total cost perspective and really drive more significant value from on behalf of the members.

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