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Programs & Categories

Our members have access to more than 200 national supply partners serving raw materials, packaging and direct and indirect spend categories that meet QCS Purchasing quality and service requirements.

QCS Purchasing requires all approved suppliers to meet strict requirements to ensure that they provide members with products that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and are the safest products possible. Through the purchasing program, members have access to the following:

Plant Operations & Supplies

Effectively manage and control your facility, equipment, systems, and processes.

Facility Services

Maintain an efficient, safe workplace operation.

Fleet & Management

Keep your fleet running smoothly, and on time.


Manage how your resources are transported from point to point.


Materials to build your brand, and protect the ingregity of your products.


Quality ingredients to achieve high quality results.

Equipment and Components

Choose the right equipment by function, mode of operation, and application.

Value-Added Services

Resources to complement core offerings to generate increased benefits.

Benefits Beyond Pricing

Member benefits go beyond pricing including a dedicated member service manager, consultative services, market intelligence, aid in securing supply needs, and assistance with protecting pricing against inflation.  

QCS Purchasing

QCS Purchasing